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Please bear with me, and my slow responses. I have not been around for a few months and even then I was barely here. Things have gotten quite busy and crazy. Some of you know about me getting hurt back in november. I got hurt at work in November, and wound up with 3 bulging discs in my neck. It has made it hard for me to do something for too long on the computer, which includes developing and going through messages. So please have patience and I will get to your message when I can, it might take a VERY long time, and for that I apologize.

I Graduated college in Dec. 2005 with a degree in Biology. Had been applying to Zoos,was a Marine Mammal Zookeeper Intern!! :D Click to view some of the dolphins i worked with (webcam) Pics in my gallery as well. I am an animal freak. I really love Dolphins!

RIP Sally (7/02/07)
I just found out (3/19/06) my friend died. RIP Ryan!

Check out my developer page. If you have any requests for my blonde hair texture, or my velvet colors please let me know. I will get to requests when I can, I may not have time to get to it right away. If it says i'm online and i don't answer it is probably because I am either busy, away, frozen, or in another chat. Feel free to leave a message but be aware it might take me awhile to get back to you. Please be patient. (replies now up to 11/29/07)

. Click Here for my Public Room
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By the way, I am always hiding new things down by the bottom i guess you could say. So if you aren't going past the messages you probably missed it. :D ( Bottom: My Banners, fridge magnets, music videos, new pics, dolphin videos, etc.)

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He means a lot to me, he doesn't know just how much he really means to me, nor can I put it into words. I am really thankful for him right now and glad to have him in my life. I appreciate him being here for me. Patience, understanding and persistance are rare these days. Thank you for showing me these and being you.
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I, like many other people, use my wishlist as my place to store all the cool things i see that i will shop from later. So yes it's long, lol.
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