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"Hey Whats up ?"
My Names Rebecca, They call me Becca. (Since i trust my friends my name and middle name is Rebecca Hanarose (Hannahrosa - in spanish)
I Live In The Texas .
Im 14 Years Younq .
I Am a CLUTZ .
Im small and petite for my age .
I Am Very Loud && Talk Alot .
I Heart Animals <3
I always go to Lala Land .
I Care About People Most Of The
Time && Im Perverted 24/7 .
I Really Don't Care What People
Think About Me .
Everyone's Different && Are Livinq For a Reason .
Anime That i Heart,

My Special Someone's <3

My awsome Wifey (MarioxPeach) She is kind and fun to hang out with she always is there for me even when i fall Luv u <3

MY FIRST BIG BRO ON HERE! <3 I wuff him soooo dearly he and i were seperated for a while now we r back together :3

Roses are Blue Violets are Red i mixed them up thats how much i Louff u <3

Sweet rose Moka nice and pretty what would i have done without meeting u :3

.:Shiki (iSasuke):.
I first met u when u began imvu and that is how our friendship started :3 -BIG BRO-

It all started with a message and i am Glad of that small message :3

A kewl friend and she is awsome :3

A new fwiend that hurt my head XD

A new fwiend wuff u :3


chibi break Pictures, Images and Photos

Making a third account for my character. I will be using it just to put my made-up chara in it ;3
Anime of Made up chara: Bleach, Blood+, and Vampire Knight
That will be all ;3

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Idiot do u not know how to shut UP!
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