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Something wicked this way comes...
Please feel free to message with questions, comments, or just to say hi.
I won't respond if you're just begging for me to view your page, or sending on chain letters, but if you genuinely have something to say, share it!

I live in Australia, my fav band is Marilyn Manson. I plan to study Fine Arts and Education next year at uni.
I've been going out with MrSvperstar for a few years.. so generally no unwanted advances and you've got no chance if cyber's all you want.

Please, have a browse through my products, chances are there might be something you'll like - I try to make my designs cover broad aspects of the community - it's not all goth or punk stuff - check it out.

I have my spurts of generosity where I give wishlist items or credits... these are unpredictable and if you see me give someone a gift there's no guarantee I'll give you one too. It's not a valid reason, don't even try it!!! :P


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Tjek engang IMVU-grupperne! Del interesser, resultater, gode råd, sladder, historier, ingenting og alting!
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