Henter hjemmeside

I am the voice in the howling wind and rain,

I am the voice of your pleasure and pain,

I am the voice of the wolf, the reign

I am the voice,

And I will REMAIN

Name: Varcius Kraven Gray

Age Appearance: 25

Actual Age: 1200

Race: Warlock/Lycanthrope

Alpha and Leader to the Witch Rune Clan

Lucian Duskfang Demonica - Brother

Niklaus Draven Demonica Dreyri - Brother

Salem DarkOctober - Sister

Nixia Valentine - Sister

Fyyre Dreyri Draven Demonica - Sister in Law

Caile Dreyri Draven Demonica - Niece

Celia Dreyri Draven Demonica - Niece

Cel Draven Demonica Dreyri - Nephew

Mercenary for Hire

Enquire Within

Supported and Loved by The Witch Rune Clan and The Dreyri

"Hurt me or mine and I swear by the Goddess, I will show you the true meaning of Pain"

- Varcius Gray

Alpha and Leader to the Witch Rune Clan

Allied with The Dreyri
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