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Souls recognize each other by the way they feel not by the way they look. My Mission is my PRIORITY..... Every man knows that his highest purpose in life cannot be reduced to any particular relationship. If a man prioritizes his relationship over his highest purpose, he weakens himself disserves the universe, and cheats his woman of an authentic man who can offer her full, undivided presence. Admit to yourself that if you had to choose one or the other, the perfect intimate relationship or achieving your highest purpose in life, you would choose to succeed at your purpose. Just this self-knowledge often relieves much pressure a man feels to prioritize his relationship when, in fact, it is not his highest priority. Your mission is your priority. Unless you know your mission and have aligned your life to it, your core will feel empty. Your presence in the world will be weakened, as will your presence with your intimate partner. The next time you notice yourself "giving in" to your woman, postponing your mission and denying your true purpose in order to spend time with her, STOP. Tell your woman that you love her, but you cannot deny your heart's purpose. -David Deida .......[If you read this until the end. Message me and you will get your reward if you answered my question correctly.].......

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My twin. My Yang.
My Sandbox
Q : Do you take product requests?
A : Sorry no.
If you message me about it,
it will be ignored.

Q : Can you add me as a friend?
A : Not in VEIN account,
add me on account name; VIEN.
Click the "add button"
under the notice.

Q : Can you make a DP for me?
A : No, please go to
"Right click, open in new tab"
for a custom DP.

Q : Can you make a custom layout /
catalog description for me?
A : I am sorry, I do not take any
forms of request as I said.

Please go to
"Right click, open in new tab"

IMVU Forums...
Product and content requests.

and get some help there.

Q : Can you help me with developing?
A: Please go to
"Right click, open in new tab"

IMVU Forums
and get some help there.
Keep in mind, self learning
gets into your memory
much longer.

Q : Is Niev also you?
A : No, It is pretty clear we
are two different people.

Q : Who is Niev?
A : He is my creator partner.

Q : What programs do you use to create?
A : I use GIMP often to create products,
now I am currently trying to switch to
Photoshop CS6 instead of GIMP.

Q : Do you have facebook?
A : Yes, for real friends only.

Q : What is your status?
A : I am currently single.

Q : What is your sexual orientation?
A : Sapiosexual and Pansexual.
You can make me yours.
If you know how to
deal with my differently wired brain.

Q : Why you are not replying
my messages? A : Probably because your
message settings is set to Friends only .
Probably because you fail to read this
F.A.Q. section, or it got lost from so
much messages I receive in a day.

Q : Can you be my father? brother?
Family? etc. etc?
A : I will think
about it.

Q : Can I have your badge?
A : Sure, click "request badge"
no need to thank me.

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